sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

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Tennis: Ayam A1 challenge draws junior aces - New Straits Times

Tennis: The challenge of Ayam A1 designs the smaller times of Straits of the acesNew,   Malaysia  - The 7 needle 2007 for Tenis Sdn Bhd Toi head sees that said Juan several other advanced names moreover is believed that their entrances present soon. & quot; Approximately eight advanced smaller players… from the games of

Panam Games head towards soggy finish - Supersport

Pan Am directs towards finishSupersport soaked,   & nbsp of the Sudafrica; - Tennis of 28 lug. 2007 has faced the similar problems, the rain that forces the men& #39; the s it inside doubles and it chooses the matches of the medal to the academy that de Tenis makes Recreio. … Sania-Par of

Sania-Peer in West Classic doubles semi-finals - Deepika

in classic to the west it doubles seeds-finalsDeepika,   India  - 27 lug. 2007… of Uzbekistan and Angelika Bachmann of Germanie 5-7, 6-3, 10-6 and storm in the seed-ends of the doubles quantity of the bank of the torneo classic to the west of tenis here. …

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